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Well Booster® PRO Package

The Well Booster® PRO system is for our customers who don't already have a water storage tank system and also a

water pressure pump. It uses our Well Booster® PRO Control system and adds our Well Booster storage system and water

pumps to deliver a complete water producing and storage system all in one. The Well Booster® PRO is a computer controlled

electronic device that uses state of the art technology to get the maximum amount of water out of your existing well. Our Well

Booster® system uses sensors to monitor the wells water level to know the actual output of the water well. That

allows us to pump the maximum amount of water a day, without over pumping your water well.

It will definitely increase your water output plus save your well pump from premature failure and also save you up

to 50% on electricity due to select time-on pumping.

The Well Booster Pro® comes with the latest state of the art terminal DIN mounted hardware for the wiring and it has 3


information lights on the front door to tell you what is going on at a quick glance. The green light is for power on, orange light is for

water pumping into the storage tank and everything is OK and the red light is for a problem ( low water pressure or water leak) The

Well Booster Pro® comes completely assembled with a UL listed wiring connection. It has simple to use and understand controls

for setting your water needs. Just set it and forget it.


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Housed in a NEMA 1 standard approved heavy duty fully enclosed 16 gauge steel enclosure all weather unit that is powder coated for

years of trouble free use. Made proudly here in the USA.

It is easily installed with simple hand tools*.


  • LED Information Lights On The Front Door For Easy Identification
  • NEMA 4 Standard Heavy Duty 16 gauge Steel Cabinet
  • Terminal DIN Mounted Hardware
  • Built from The Latest Technology In The USA
  • Solid State Computer Controlled Repeat Timing System
  • Standard Wiring For The Power Source
  • Super Tough Powder Coating For Years Of Trouble Free Use
  • Controls Up To 60 Amps (5 wells)



1) Well Booster Pro® System.

2) 200-250 Gallon Interior Water Storage tank. ( Fits through door ways)

3) Well Booster Pro® Water Pressure Pump

4) Well Booster® Tank Float Control Switch unit.

5) Heavy duty relay for pump activation.

6) Hardware for installation.

7) Installation instructions.


well Booster water well low  yield well



Price $5899 Part Number# WB-Pro Package

ON SALE $4999

**Includes Free Shipping**

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**The wiring should be done by a licensed electrician and the plumbing should be done by a licensed plumber**


Well Booster® Tank Float Control Switch

Water tank float switch (it tells the Well Booster® 365 when you need

to add water to your storage tank)




Price $199 Part Number WB-855

**The wiring should be done by a licensed electrician**


Well Booster® Cell Phone Auto Dialer

Cell auto dialer for trouble alert . If you wanted to be immediately

notified if you have a water related problem.





Price $999 Part Number WB-975

**The wiring should be done by a licensed electrician**
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