how to fix low yield water wells

Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Why does the Well Booster® Pro system cost $2299.00 while the other water systems on the market sell for over

$9000-10,000 ?


A) Good question. We build our Well Booster® Pro systems in large numbers, which allow us to be able to keep

the prices down. Our products have state of the art electronics that are made here in the USA and are GFCI

protected and UL listed. They also have a 1 year warranty.



Q) How does the Well Booster® Pro save up to 50% on electricity?----



A) It is a computer controlled electronic device that uses state of the art technology to get the maximum amount

of water out of your low yield well. It will also help save your well pump from premature failure due to select time-

on pumping. This means that the well is only operating when the Well Booster® Pro calls it online to pump for

minutes at a time and then it will rest and your well will refill with water to prepare for the next cycle. Our Well

Booster® Pro monitor the wells water level to know the actual output of the well. That allows

us to pump the maximum amount of water a day, without over pumping your water well. The standard home owner

that has a low yield well set up with a overload protector ( Pump Tec, Coyote, or Pump Saver ) will run for a long time with

only a trickle of water coming out of it ( which wastes electricity and causes the well pump to overheat and wear

out fast )



Q) Will the Well Booster® Pro system work on my existing water storage tank and booster pressure pump?


A) Yes this is a perfect set up for our Well Booster® Pro.



Q) Will the Well Booster® Pro allow me to have more water pressure?


A)Yes. It will give your water pump a full supply of water at all times from your storage tank to be able to maintain

full constant pressure between 30 and 50 psi.



Q) Will the Well Booster® Pro work with multiple wells?


A) Yes. It will operate 1 to 5 wells with the computer controlled relay outputs.



Q) With the Well Booster® Pro do I have to use those large outside green or black plastic poly tanks?


A)No. They make several options for water storage tanks. From 200 gallon white inside tanks up to 5000 gallon

outside tanks. Normally 200-500 gallons will be perfect for a household of 4. Check with your local plumbing



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