how to fix low yield water wells

Customer Testimonials

Here we have put some of our customer e-mail's and letters we have received.


..... before I purchased the Well Booster Pro, our family of 5 had to rotate our showers. Not any more.


James R . Lakeport, California

..... we have had the Well Booster for 6 months now and love it! The results have been fantastic. Too bad I didn't know about this product sooner.

George V. Carson City, Nevada

..... we had water problems for over 2 years now. I used to spend $100 a day to truck in water during August and September to try to keep up with usage. Your Well Booster Pro seemed a little pricey at $2300, but it was definitely worth it. I wish I had called you years ago.


Don H. Friant, California

..... I installed it myself with the easy to follow instructions. Works great. We are able to fill our hot tub in 1 hour ( not 2 days like before )

Great product.


Mary J . Clayton, Maryland

Thanks for the help with my water issues. I had gone through 3 different well / water "experts" with my lack of water. They had installed their home made rigged devises that would cure my low yield well. It turned out to be some pool pump type timer that would turn on my well even when there was no water in the well. After burning up 2 well pumps I called you guys. Your Well Booster Pro was installed and it worked with my existing storage and pressure tanks. I have had 50-60 psi of water ever since. I called you many times during the installation of it and your tech was very patient with me.



Greg H . Elko, Nevada



We purchased your Well Booster Pro Package and used it for several months with great results. I then had a problem with it. I called one of your service technicians and he told me that the warrantee would cover the units repair. We shipped it back and you guys turned it around in 2 days. In this day and age of bad customer service, that was a nice surprise. We couldn't stand to be without it for long.

Thank you again.

Tony F. Marrietta, Georgia

.....every summer the water table drops in our area and the same thing would happen. We even have 15000 gallons of storage tanks and would still run low. We added your Well Booster Pro to our water system and it was a saving grace. We now have all of the water that we need. Very simple to install and to use.

Thanks for your help,


Charles D. Napa, California



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